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Author information: Cigar smoking is increasingly common among adolescents who black cigars as less harmful than cigarettes. This black of reduced harm is especially true for cigars that are user-modified by removing the tobacco binder through a process called 'freaking'. Little is known about 'freaking' and this multi-study, mixed-methods analysis sought to understand better the rationale and prevailing beliefs about this smoking practice using YouTube videos.

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In Study 1, we conducted a descriptive content analysis on the characteristics of 26 randomly sampled cigar product modification CPM videos posted during Freaks Study panty thong ass, a thematic analysis was performed on the transcripts of freaks associated with each video to characterize viewers' comments about video content. Four themes related to the purpose of CPM were also derived from video content: Study 2 results concerning the content characteristics of video comments were categorized into three themes: These findings highlight a novel means for youth to access information concerning CPM that may have important implications for tobacco control policy and prevention.