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Is a Veiny Penis Cause for Concern?

In fact, these veins are important. After blood flows to the penis to give you an erection, the veins along your penis take blood back to the heart.

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Some people have veins that are more visible than heather brooke first. Vein size and shape can change over time or after having sex, getting injured, or having blood vessel surgery. Read on big learn more about why your veins are important, how they can change over time, and when to see your doctor.

This is influenced by many factors: Penis vein visibility is influenced by many of the same factors.

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When you get an erection, oxygenated blood from your heart travels through your arteries to three chambers of spongy tissue dick the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum, to the shaft of your penis.

The blood then drains through the veins that run across the surface of your penis. This significant increase in blood flow can make the veins vieny much larger than usual.