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Every time you have to yank your jeans up yet again, you can't help but think, Why bother even wearing pants sarah blue tube the first place if they just falling down?

Forget about it. Crowded movie theaters? Your butt is always in the way. And that goes double for trying to squeeze out from big restaurant booth — you live in fear of knocking over somebody's wine glass. Why, oh why, can't all chairs have backs?

19 Things Only Women With Big Butts Understand

Big, you risk showing off your crack to the rest of the butt. You've had this butt your whole adult life — you didn't buy it at the mall or see it in a magazine. So, it's pretty weird to suddenly be told a butt part you naturally have is "cool. It's just like underboob sweat or thigh sweatexcept if it makes it through your clothes, you look like you wet yourself.

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The good news: As a result of evolution and a desire to procreatelarger butts are considered more attractive. bad news: Some jerks ruin your day by being rude or creepy about your butt.