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Big boobs runway

Models with three boobs grace the catwalk at weird Milan Fashion Week show

T he average bra size in Britain is 36D. Obviously, this is a great thing. Boobs is big.

mistress t tubes

But, the advent of a fashion company that begins at a C cup tells us a lot about how fashion treats tits generally. In fashion, being anything above a C cup is novel.

21 Beautiful Models Who Bravely Bared Their Boobs On The Runways

That she has the biggest of them all seemed significant. Broadly speaking, boobs and fashion are like oil and water: Because breasts are annina ucatis sex to dress, apparently. During couture week inJourdan Dunn was left out of the Dior show because of runway size. Speaking from experience, as a non-model, it can be difficult to dress and shop if you are bigger than a C cup.

It feels like breasts are a subject often left out of body-image discussions, especially when it comes to clothes.