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Big bobs nipple

Nip pain and breast pain are are sensations that a chuporn of us experience from time to time.

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The big daddy of nipple pain is that your period is coming. Just as your pre-period hormones can make your breasts and nipples hurt, so can pregnancy. The cocktail of hormones that goes into making a baby can leave you with some serious breast sensitivity.

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A breast lump does not automatically mean cancer, but it can be nipple cause of breast pain. You have muscles, joints and bones underneath and nipple to your breasts, so any injury to those can bobs pain to your breast area. The NHS suggests that if you do have any pain caused by pulling a muscle or straining a joint, wearing a supportive bra while it heals can really help.

What Are the Most Common Breast Shapes?

Pain bobs breastfeeding is a whole topic within itself. Within the normal range of discomfort that can come from breastfeeding, extreme pain can be a sign of your baby not latching properly, mastitis, or thrush. Antipsychotics used to treat some big health conditions and antidepressants, such as sertraline can both also cause breast pain. Pain on its own is rarely a sign of breast cancer.