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Bi and beyond

Bounded Rationality is a concept which relates to the fact that the decision making capability of tsuyako miyataka is limited by the information that they have and the finite amount of time they have to make decisions.

Bounded Rationality, BI and Beyond

The ability to analyze multi-million rows of data in Excel on and laptop is not far-away. Fundamentally, In-Memory Analytics, Column-based storage etc. Technology to integrate data sources virtually without the need to have hard-wired ETL is available. Creation of awesome visualization like in Gapminder is possible without writing a single piece of code.

Bi and Beyond 2: The Continuing Saga (Video ) - IMDb

Simulations based on System Dynamics and beyond manifestation in tools like Vensim, Powersim etc. Products like LiveAccess from Birst can combine data uploaded to the cloud with data in on-demand applications like SalesForce.

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Technology exist to analyze all types of logs call logs, IVR logs, web logs etc. So, how much did you score? Am sure that you also would have come across some interesting developments in BI recently.