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Beth Childs

Elizabeth "Beth" Childs was one of the first clones seen on Orphan Black. She becomes Sarah's entry point into the mystery of her suicide as well as the apparent clone conspiracy. Beth is revealed backwards from the moment of her death, as Sarah takes on her identity and reconstructs her last days.

Her monitor was Paul Dierden. Not much is known about how they were set beth to meet, or if he was her first and only monitor, but at one point, Beth putas salvadorenas dating and later moved in with beth.

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Eventually, Katja Obinger was able to track down Beth. Katja had contacted her, telling her that someone was killing off her " genetic identicals " in Europe.

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Beth then used the facial-recognition software to find driver's licenses in North America that would match her and found two matches: Cosima Niehaus and Alison Hendrix. She tells Katja about them, then Katja soon requested to see her new "scientist friend", Cosima.

Beth then asked Katja to give proof of herself and the other European clones i. Since then, the trio in North America has been helping each other figure things out. Along the way, Beth taught Alison how to use a gun so Alison can protect her family in case anything happened.