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Basic instinct sex scene

Twenty-five years ago—on March 20, —Sharon Stone introduced moviegoers to Catherine Tramell, a novelist and suspected serial killer who stabs her victims with an ice pick while engaged in acrobatic sex acts.

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Michael Douglas—who starred in another erotic thriller, Fatal Attraction —played her love interest, a San Francisco detective named Nick Curran. The much-delayed sequel, on the other hand, bombed at korean webcam cute box office.

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Here are 15 not-so-basic facts about the revolutionary thriller. Back in the day, spec scripts could sell for millions of dollars. Eszterhas told The A. He was a great cop on one level, but on another, you suspected he liked it too much.

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As Catherine says in the movie, he got too close to the flame. He loved the flame. Tramell also comes from a person Eszterhas knew in Ohio, this time a go-go dancer in Dayton.