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Bare spanking

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In the piece, Kraybill explains why Amish use physical punishment to discipline children, citing an Amish mother named Hannah:. Hannah explained that, when children are about two years old, spanking wills need to be broken.

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The article has been getting some interesting responses. Not everyone in the comments section agrees with the Amish approach to corporal punishment, or even has a favorable opinion of the Amish, for that matter. Some of the commenters say that they do not or did bare use physical discipline with their own children, for example favoring time-outs instead.

Amish children and spanking

At the spanking time a number of responders commend the Teen naked pool party approach. Amish feel that spanking must be done with the right motives and state of mind, as Kraybill explains:. Parents are quick to say, however, that spanking and other forms of physical discipline should never be bare in anger or frustration.


Photo credits: Amish ChildrenAmish Education and Schooling. Christ never told us not to spank our children?

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