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Barbii bucx

While the home is being marketed by a holding company, year-old porn queen Barbii Bucxxx has been on hand to show prospective buyers around her three-bedroom home, the Daily Record in Bucx, Scotland, reported Friday.

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In addition to their tour guide answering the door in a pink negligee, visitors were hit with an onslaught of pornographic materials laying barbii the film star's home. One unidentified male visitor said Bucxxx, whose real name is Hannah Ames, apparently felt comfortable bucx to even share details of her job.

Porn star makes house tour memorable

Odd News. Snake left behind at New Jersey airport security checkpoint.

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Hand sculpture atop New Zealand barbii gallery dubbed 'disturbing'. Bungee cord snaps on slingshot ride at Florida amusement park.

Barbii Bucx

Moose crashes pool party, steals taco. Suggestively-named town seeks to stop adult toy company from using signs. Sudan's new prime minister, sovereign council sworn in.