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Bambi black

Plastic surgery addict Kirsty Collins, 33, from Sheffield, could feel her lips "getting bigger and bigger" and knew something wasn't right.

Adult star Bambi Black rushed to A&E after severe allergic reaction to lip job

But shortly after having the procedure, the year-old from Sheffield suffered such a serve allergic reaction her lips ballooned to four times their natural size.

Kirsty was rushed to Doncaster Royal Infirmary, where doctors gave black steroids and antihistamines, to combat her extreme reaction, before putting her "on watch" for seven hours. She said: I could see and feel it getting bigger and bigger. She began remodelling her look when she black adult work seven years ago, after leaving her career as a glamour model x vidio earn "big bucks" in the film industry.

The porn look fans want can only be achieved one way - through plastic surgery. She was advised to have a hyaluronidase injection - an enzyme that breaks down filler naturally and, now a veteran of cosmetic treatments, she did not bat an eyelid when bambi beautician pumped a needle full of it black amateur frat sex top lip.

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But Kirsty, who did not have a patch test bambi before the procedure, soon stopped being calm when her lips started to swell. She continued: Arriving 15 minutes later, the ambulance whisked Kirsty off to Doncaster Royal Infirmary, bambi Jamie following behind in his Lamborghini sports car.


On arrival, Kirsty was given two shots of adrenaline, a dose of anthistamine and steroids, in a bid to control the swelling. Discharged after seven hours, when it was deemed she was no longer in danger, Kirsty was told she had experienced an allergic reaction to the enzyme. Sharing her story on social media with her thousands of followers, Kirsty - whose lips went back to normal after a week - was overwhelmed by the positive response, although not everyone was sympathetic.