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Asian dorm room

So you pulled an all-nighter cramming for your biology test, but as dorm as your number two pencil hit the scantron sheet, you promptly forgot everything you had studied the previous caffeine-fueled night. Before you dorm to change your major, think about whether room not your dorm room might be partly to blame.

Snake Slithers into Dorm Room in China, Students Cook and Eat It

Even for people who have never heard of feng shuithe idea that a person's state of mind is reflected in their living space or room versa seems pretty intuitive.

Wouldn't you feel calmer and more competent studying at a clean, organized desk than at a desk piled high with old pizza boxes and clutter? According to feng shui philosophy, whether you live in a mansion, a studio apartment, or even a tiny dorm room, you can improve your life and increase your happiness by rearranging the objects in your home and creating a warm, inviting living space.

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In Chinese, "feng" means wind and "shui" asian water. These two elements are symbols for creating chi flow. Chi is the vital energy that inhabits and flows through all living things.

Japanese-Style Dorm Room Will Make You Bitter About Your College Living Situation

Even though everyone and everything possesses their own chi even inanimate objects like couches and lamps it is possible for chi to become blocked or misdirected. This can cause distress, asian luck, and inner turmoil.

Following the principles of feng shui milf thong exposed you to harness good chi and avoid bad energy sha in order to maximize your chi flow, ultimately leading to a happier and contented life!

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Using the concepts of chi, sha, and by implementing some simple feng shui principles, you can transform any space into a chi-friendly zone, thus maximizing your creativity, improving your relationships, and achieving success in school and work.

Clearly, feng shui is a lot more than just interior design. The philosophy can quickly become complicated and even intimidating, especially if you are working within the small and limiting confines of a dorm room. Roommates, small spaces, and bolted down furniture may threaten to foil your feng shui plans, but don't get hung up on things you can't change.

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