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Tessa shows off the latest Czech Republic fashion in an all-denim pantsuit covered by a vinyl jacket and purse made alice the skin of a Romanian dog.

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Meanwhile at the Jersey Nude, J-Woww stands all contrapposto while her guido juicehead boyfriend aggressively stakes the joint out for someone to defend her honor against.

By the way, "Jersey Strong" never meant "Jersey Smart. Cam and Cam sport matching stripes down the boardwalk as they discuss New Order gainer. Depeche Mode.

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Valerie was pretty sure she nailed the job interview. Pretty sure. There's short pants, and there's get-followed-by-a-creepy-guy-with-a-camera short pants.

PBA Prez: NYPD Officers Punished For Posing With Topless Models In Times Square

No change here. Have a great, fun summer, girls! Madeline, or "Tragic Contessa" as she's about to be known as at school for the rest of her senior year, gets ready for prom. Girl, Rhonda looks good in a pattern. Mmm hmm. Girlsandstuds good.