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A little christmas tale

A little too excited to open Christmas presents….

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Short Funny Christmas Stories

When I received a huge package christmas my parents last weekend, I was thrilled. My very own Christmas Tree!

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Of course, there was a really long letter included. I tossed it to the side and, all alone in my room on a Friday afternoon, I ripped little my presents in a matter of pornhd com. Each new gift was bursting with possibility: What could it be?!

A Little Christmas Tale

I thought. Starbucks coffee!!! After the 3 minutes it took me to unwrap and admire all of Christmas gifts, I sat back, gasping for air.

I had unwrapped those gifts like a prisoner might eat his first meal upon release: Sitting alone on my floor, I looked at the huge mess of gifts, bows, and wrapping all over my room.