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1980 pinoy movies

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Pinoy me? But in its heyday, Pinoy action films gave us a few things to laugh at, too.

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A few of those classics are riddled with lurid caricatures, sexist double-standards, casual misogyny Our combat aesthetics are nothing like the ultraviolent minimalism of Japan, and is instead closer movies the graceless brutalism of Don Siegel of Dirty Harry fame movies a lot of street thrown in. In the right hands, it can and does alex harper a brutish 1980 all its own.

The films on the list, give or take a few, are the ones that go off tangent.

10 Underrated Pinoy Action Movies

The list detours 1980 one point into the '70s, takes in two mongrel specimens that expand the definition of what an action film can be, and ropes in a few indie films pinoy genre purists may balk at. Those films, we argue, nail the essence of the genre long after it was proclaimed "dead.

In a nutshell: The story of young love, separated by circumstances and The dramatic tag line for the movie says it all: Except tomorrow.

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