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Many Mindful Practices Under One Roof

As one of our group would comment post retreat: After 3 days of yoga, meditation, art,healing, surfing, barefoot walking, day spa pampering, pool side hangs AND cooking classes!!! We spent the day weaving from the coastline, once again moving towards the unknown and arriving at our accommodation at the base yoga Mount Rinjani.

I can highly recommend staying at Rinjani Lighthouse, the whole family was so yoga and I loved the traditional feel to the lodgings, we com straight out to the mountains which we were to climb the next day. Another highlight for myself on our travel day was visiting the StateIslamicCentre in Mataram just incredible architecture com we were very welcomed inside. The waterfalls at Senaru, so healing and uplifting.

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Those of us who ventured under the water seemed to have our energy fields cleared as though by magic. Our next two days were focused on the ascent and descent of Mt Rinjani to the crater rim, not the full hike option of the summit. The scenery was spectacular with epic canopies hdblackporn forest and on the way up we were shrouded in mist which gave the forest a mysterious and magical quality.

Closer to the top we had open savannahs and rock formations to traverse and then THAT view and the sound and Vibrations emanating from the crater, just amazing!!!!